Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Birthday for 2

Every year on August 23 I get to share my birthday with my best friend & TWIN! Oh the days when we had nothing better to do than to plan a WHOLE ENTIRE DAY around ONLY what we wanted to do!! Even when our kids were younger we still planned our own days & fit them into it!! Today we figure out how to fit us into their schedule.....I LOVE IT BEST THIS WAY!! I am so grateful for where I am today.....even if I am a year older! Life isn't perfect.....if it was I'd be bored!!

My day started with beautiful flowers from my husband......
& sweet cards from my girls.....errr 1 girl & 1 sicret amarir {secret admirer}!!!
 Before leaving the house for a beautiful morning run I was gifted these from legs were instantly in LOVE!! 
 After showering I met my twin & Lauren, younger sister & Mackenzie, & my mom for lunch
  Just get it out of the way.....I am mean......but MAN it's funny!

We all went our separate ways for the afternoon & met up again for my oldest nieces basketball game.....followed by pizza!
  & to top the night off our desert was FROYO! 
My happiness.....
Money Bags.....gots ta make a request for $$ fun somehow!
Our annual blow out shot!
Love her! I am be able to celebrate my birthday with my best friend & sister.....cheers to another year around the sun!! I can't wait!!
& I am thankful for this crazy bunch of people that I {yes ME ME ME ME ME} gets to call family!! I love them all!!!

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