Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Horse Riding

Several weeks ago Kayden was invited by her best friend to a horse farm for her birthday party....the added bonus was that it was a family affair!! It was one of those crazy busy days.....running from here to there wondering if everything was going to be accomplished kind of days! We were all a bit frazzled as we were in the typical Hughes running late mode! But upon driving down that dusty road back into the farm suddenly we all chilled out.....a laid back family centered night was about to take place in what felt like WAY OUT IN THE COUNTRY.....it was quite magical....everything! From the girls running free squealing to eating a picnic dinner on quilt covered tables to the sun setting to the horses chasing us while mid hay ride to adult conversation to celebrating the beautiful life of a sweet girl.....

 Birthday girl {middle} with her 2 girlfriends Hollyn {left} & Kayden {right} 
 Between our 3 families we introduce not a one single boy but 9 GIRLS & I even know their names.....Lainey, Kayden, Hollyn, Lexi, Haily, Emery, Lynley, Milyn, & Hadley! {I didn't say I knew how to spell all names correctly though but I'll pat myself on the back if indeed I got it right!!}
 The lighting was dreamy during the entire hayride!
 The girls were hanging off the back with handfuls of hay while the horses were chasing them!! If ever you heard soooo much giggling & squealing it was during these moments!! 
 Dreamy no?!! 
 Lexi & her 2 guests got a mini horse riding lesson..... 
 While everyone else got a short ride & there were no lacking of smiles
 We welcomed the moon.....errrr the moon welcomed us & we snapped back into the reality of "it's a school night"!
 We quickly said good-bye.....to horses & friends!
THANK YOU SHABO'S for an absolutely relaxing magical evening in the midst of the crazy busy lives we live!!

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