Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I know that Christians have varying opinions on "celebrating" Halloween.....I wouldn't say we celebrate Halloween rather this particular day is just our "free pass" to dress up & go door to door collecting candy! It's fun seeing families out together laughing & talking....it's entertainment to see what people come up with for costumes!! Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I dislike the opinion that I am allowing my children to "celebrate the devil" which is NOT the case!! 

My girls are pretty opinionated BUT we seem to have compromised when it comes to costumes each year.....last year was the 1st year that we allowed them to choose any costume they wanted! 

It worked out well in putting these costumes together because on 2 different days the girls had separate play dates & so one day Kayden & I shopped for all the materials needed then another day Emery & I put it all together!

Introducing the CUTEST girly monsters I've ever seen!!
Some things we already had at home but the rest was super cheap to make.....
We kept it simple this year.....stayed in our neighborhood & just my sisters joined us!!
 I am NO weight bearing at all & while I've done very well getting around on crutches we live in a neighborhood full of hills & a wheelchair just seemed like the best method of transportation! 
Jon last minute decided to swing by the store & grab some gauze......he deemed us: "2 For The Price Of 1 Plastic Surgery"!! We got many many laughs....pretty sure people thought the wheelchair was part of the gig!
 Halloween 2012
 It was a BEAUTIFUL night!! The sky was unreal which added to the enjoyment of the night! 
 This is NOT sugar induced.....she had NO candy at this point....she's naturally silly!
 Always my faithful organizer post collection! 
 Fun night had by all!! & who can pass up a tutu covered bum?

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Melanie Anne said...

What a fun night!! And what a darling family--even the poor plastic surgeon patients--HA HA! I hope your foot heals soon!