Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

The ONLY reason pumpkin carving took place this year was because of my twin!! I am having to let some things go {due to my hip stress fracture} which is making me crazy.....but probably lessons that God is trying to teach me!! Kristi took the girls pumpkin shopping then invited us over to her house not only to sling pumpkin guts all over her kitchen but she fed us till our bellies were full! 
 Each year as they get a little older they become a little more independent in the entire process 
 Typically this is the least favorite part but quite surprisingly Kristi & I had to help very little in the de-gutting 
  This always seems to attract one kid.....squishing 
 In secret Kayden told Kristi that her dad always takes over the creating part.....we made sure she was solo & she stuck with it beginning to end!
 Emery chose her picture but left the sawing to him
 End result....4 happy kids & 4 happy pumpkins
 Kayden's spooky bat in the night clouds
 Emery's ghost buddies
 YUMMY seeds!

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