Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A day is best celebrated....

with your twin sister! Sunday we celebrated our 34th year of life!! I didn't feel particularly older that morning....nothing different really. Sure I'm noticing some new wrinkles, my clothes don't fit the same from year to year, it hurts to stand up after I've been kneeling, ect. But I do feel grateful to celebrate another year of life and especially grateful for a WONDERFUL woman whom I get to celebrate it with!! My wish for my birthday days as I age are to be spent with family (some years even a friend or 2) and to be relaxed as possible. That seems to be something I'm striving for lately.....simpleness and feeling relaxed! I pray for both my sister and I, another year filled with great happiness and
enjoy all the simple pleasures life has to offer!!
breakfast and coffee at Rembrant's
our favorite b-day's cheesecake! heavenly and donned with old b-day candles/candle holders that my grandmother has had for YEARS!!
jon was photographing and primary focusing was done on the flowers so we're a little blurry!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sister! I truly could never have hand picked a better person to share this day with! I love you!!!


Heather Figueiredo said...

I'm planning to show up next year for you BD :) Love the hair cut!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRIEND! love & miss you!

greenchickadee said...

Happity Birthitday. How crazy is that that we were only born a few HOURS apart? Literally?! Who knew? You girls look absolutely fabulous too. It's like Julia Roberts. Just keep getting better with age! Cheers until next August! :)

Heidi said...

heather & i were talking on our run the other morning about your birthday. we were saying that would be so great to be able to celebrate every year with my best friend & sister!

your birth-day looks wonderful! I agree w/ you totally- striving for simplicity and relaxation!

Erika Reiner said...

I am so happy you all were able celebrate and your grandma was able to participate too! very cute with the candles!
I love you both so much and you look so beautiful and happy!

Cheers to another year of happiness and health!