Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Summer Do's

You can probably find me getting my hair cut about 2-3 times a year, I'm sure I could use more visits but I push it as far as I can. Same with the girls. Kayden was in DESPERATE need of one prior to school starting....she starts Friday so nothing like the last minute mom! Emery has NEVER had a hair cut.....so today was 1 of many firsts for her. She wanted NO part of it....I finally figured out it was because she thought it would hurt. I slightly dread the 1st hair cut, it needs to be done but there is something about it that changes them from a "baby" to a "big girl".

We all agreed that we would love 1 of these sinks at home.....so relaxing
sooo sweet....Kayden was holding Emery's hand so she wouldn't "be scared"
instantly loved the shampooing process 
end result!!! please don't worry people that as cute as this looks she quickly returned to her kinda in the middle but not perfectly straight part!!! she was quite pleased with her new do!


Heather Figueiredo said...

VERY C U T E! where is the picture of your hair? :)

Erika Reiner said...

Oh my!!! They are precious! they have grown up soooo much!!! Can't wait to read about their first day of school!!! I bet they'll be sooo cute!

The Hadfields said...

Oh my, that last picture is precious!!! You have 2 beautiful little girls.