Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We're eating fish for dinner......

....cornbread fish that is!!!
We have some friends in town that own the cooking girls' dream store!! Sunday we dropped by to pick up some flavored salts and say hi but ended up with a little more than just the salts!! They have different flavored peanut butter and the girls decided the banana peanut butter was a MUST HAVE along with a cast iron skillet....in the shape of fish for our cornbread!! I haven't picked up too much of "southern style" cooking.....although it tastes great I have to say I'd like my family to live a little longer by eating healthier foods! 1 thing I do make though is pinto beans and cornbread! I found a healthier recipe which does NOT include all the added oils and/or butter and we ALL love it!  And our side of cornbread was all the more tastier in the shape of fish....I'm sure of it!!!

Last night we added fresh tomatoes from our garden and purple pepper from the market
a close up of these fun things....it kinda looks like fried fish huh??

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greenchickadee said...

love it! i just googled a chef store around here and found one to explore later this week. thanks for the ideas. i'm completely addicted to smoked salt, especially in black beans or pintos. have you tried it? what do you do with your flavored salts?