Saturday, August 29, 2009

tea for 2.... the "Princess Ball" (named by Kayden).
This tea set is from my mom's sister (who is very sadly no longer on this earth), several pieces are missing but enough for tea for 3, a little pitcher and sugar & cream set. Is this the coolest little vintage!!!
Last Sunday we were at mom's for our b-day dinner. While daddy and Emery Grae snoozed for a few hours Kayden decided Aumie needed to pull out "the" special tea set (she has a couple-this 1 obviously for the older grandkids who understand the word fragile!!)! She set everything up and the 2 of us sat down for "sunshine water", "fine chocolate circles", and "tiny cheese squares". We had a fun few minutes, just her and I, to have "tea talk" I was eating the chocolate she informed me that princess's DO NOT show their teeth and eat with their mouths open! OK!!!

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Heidi said...

beautiful tea set!! Addison adores having tea! we have not yet made it to the "breakable" sets. nate's mom bought her one (breakable) when she was like 1! Not sure if she's been brave enough to get it out.

We had a great tea party the other night. Oh, we also haven't told her about actually adding real "tea/water" to the pot ;). And I'm going to keep that a secret for as long as possible!!