Saturday, August 15, 2009

Michigan Campers

Last weekend we loaded DOWN our cars and made our way to Michigan for a wonderful long weekend of camping!!! We loved it. Every minute of it. Out in nature....with family....burning exploring....beach....sun.....even rain...memories...sleeping in a tent with 3 other people I deeply love....finding peace in listening to the rain hit the tent in the middle of the night....bugs....dirt....sand..... Only complaint is we had to leave. Still cleaning dirt out of our ears, finding bugs who wanted a free ride to Tennessee, mending arms and legs bitten to death by mosquito's and dusting sand off our camping gear but we're looking forward to a new tradition, with lots family for years to come!

where we stayed
setting up very proud of my twin who's idea of a fun weekend consists NOTHING of tents, dirt, and bugs
snuggling with aumie by the fire
exploring the campsite with cousins
cousin andrew who emery loves (i think he loves her too) and called "brother" 
one of the many nature nuggets found over the weekend
lots of this.......
....followed by this
visits to the beach 
a 1st for lauren
freshly showered girls coloring
finally on the 3rd day she pulled her hair back and gave in to the fun
cousins-the girl on the left and the only boy are visiting ALL the way from Germany (we are a BIG family of Germans)
who doesn't love smores
hobie (NO clue how to spell)  pies
our home for the weekend
swinging in the hammock 
splashing in the waves
beach soccer 
digging in the sand
a friend from MI visiting (who we haven't seen in a few years)
finally sleeping.....they had SOOOO much fun!!


Heather Figueiredo said...

Loved all the pictures!!! Looks like a perfect time camping with family! We visited our "beach" on Truman Lake today and thought of all of you! Love & Miss you and the fam! H

greenchickadee said...

OH I just love it! Seriously, I think camping is food for the soul! It simplifies everything down to the basics of what we need. So much fun with all the cousins too! Fab picture of smores. Makes me drool!