Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Week of Daily Joys....Day 3

Evelyn Elizabeth Treat
I am joyful today for life! There is nothing like a new little baby to overwhelm you heart and mind with joy!!! This is my beautiful friend's (not just on the outside but inside) daughter who was born on Monday! She was born a bit early and so she is needing some assistance with her breathing! Send a little prayer up for Eve that she can come off the ventilator and go home with her mommy and daddy! Oh I could have a million of these to just hold and oooo &  awww over! Since that's not happening I have family and friends to take care of that!!!

Yesterday evening was the first time Sarah has been able to hold her since delivery....her cup is overflowing with joy and love!!!
I love you Sarah and thankful little Eve is here!!!!


greenchickadee said...

Aww, so sweet!! I hope she can go home soon!!

Karri said...

I agree new life is so precious!!