Friday, August 14, 2009

Week of Daily Joys...Day 4

Jon found this moth on the house this morning while watering the flowers and garden

I had a bit of a sad day yesterday at work. Around 4 pm I found myself in a room which should be filled with the JOY of a newborn baby's cry. Instead I was rubbing the forehead and hands of a mother (sobbing uncontrollably) whose baby had, without warning, died in her belly just 5 days before her due date. She did not speak a word of english but when our eyes met there were NO need for words......tears shed...enough said. They had 2 girls...7 &4. Precious little silly girls who had the ability in the midst of this tragedy to bring a smile and small laugh to their parents' faces. NOT FAIR that a mother and father should have to endure this pain. As I left last night I stopped in 1 more time to hug her, rub her forehead and hands. I don't know if she understood me but I said "I'll pray" and she said "ok". I can feel lost in sadness some days over all the tragedy's that occur daily and then I find a simple reminder that GOD is here. This moth, simple as it seems, has such intricate work on it's body......if God cares so much about all the detail of him I KNOW he has his arms tightly wrapped around this family right now. JOY!!!

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greenchickadee said...

. . . and of course I'm crying now. these are the hardest things for me to understand. maybe that is why god doesn't want me to try to understand, but just to trust and know that He has us all in His hands . . .