Monday, December 14, 2009

B'ham Stitchin'

have i mentioned before that i have just grown to really LOVE this blogging world for SOOO many reasons??!!! new "blog" friends, creativity is overflowing "out there", journaling, inspiring me....oh the endless list!!!

past : i knew this girl in college.....didn't ever become friends (for no specific reason) but had mutual friends.
present: i started this blog about 1 1/2 yrs ago and connected (but really reconnected) with her and we've since questioned and questioned and did i mention questioned why it was we NEVER became friends in college???

i literally contacted her and invited myself to her house so that she could teach me some of her sewing skills.....since i have none and she graciously accepted!!
emery and i packed an overnight bag along with some fabric and ribbon & hit the road for the thompson house! we walked into the door and neither one of us really took a breath except to eat and sleep......the conversation flowed and flowed!!

we did get some sewing done (of which i am posting NO final pictures until after christmas) too through all our talking!
(can you sew without starbucks??)
emery quickly felt at home.....these people are LOVEABLE i tell you! the girls hit it off and in no time were bouncing and jabbering and giggling and even a little bickering here & there as if they were instant sisters!!

she's a very crafty girl and was a great sewing teacher! you must visit her site and check some of her stuff out!
sneak peak
and last but not least an hour before i left we went out for supper.....not just any supper....YOGURT MOUNTAIN.....i drool as i type!
grab big bowl....choose 1 or 10+ flavors of frozen yogurt and top with 1 or 40+ and DEVOUR!!
(picture compliments of emery)
my husband (and funny to learn once i got there her's too) was pretty skeptical of me going to someone's house i barely knew....for an overnight visit at that. BUT i knew she was safe and we have things in common (little of which both kera's/karah's and b-days in august, both husband's middle names are burton.....oh those are just a few) and i knew i would love every second spent there. I WAS RIGHT!!! go bloggie people....set up a blog too will enjoy!


greenchickadee said...

OH yes, oh yes! Let's do this again soon! I found two more projects we should do! :) My mom has a book whose title reminds me of our "date": Stitch N Bitch. :)

Good times!

The Hadfields said...

How fun! I know, isn't the blogging world GREAT??