Wednesday, December 23, 2009


6 years ago this last Sunday around 4 am I tapped Jon on the shoulder and said the words every mother looks forward to saying (especially in the last uncomfortable days of pregnancy)...."IT'S TIME"!!! It was a speedy and easy delivery of which I am so very thankful for. And all I remember after I met her was how utterly enamored I was with this beautiful little girl. So much so that, in the 2 nights we had to stay in the hospital, Jon would wake up periodically throughout the night to find me WIDE awake holding this sweet baby just staring at her or rubbing my nose against hers....I couldn't believe she was mine to keep.
and now skip ahead 6 is this even possible???

but we continue to hold on to these moments in which she still wants to be held and hugged and kissed (and please note the tie....her new "fashion" {aka style}....she's loving the ties these days)

so this past sunday we celebrated her 6th year of life (the invitations)

she's HUGE into art....painting, drawing, cutting, glueing....she amazes us daily with her artistic abilities! and so a canvas painting party it was!! food jars, food cans, juice jars, foil, old shirts from grandparents....add some paint, brushes, and a small canvas and poof!!! a great time had by all kids!!

we are extremely grateful for another healthy and happy year with this 6 year old and pray the same for the upcoming year

.......we never could figure out what brought on the tears...she didn't know either (i must add that it wasn't a bratty "i didn't get my way moment") and she's not even 16 yet.....i think we are in for it (i told my twin yesterday that i'm pretty sure i birthed 2 of the most emotional children on this earth!!!)! i think we'll laugh looking back on this picture one day! it was, despite the few minutes of tears shed, a WONDERFUL day that was spent celebrating her life.....good bye 5's and HELLO 6's!!

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greenchickadee said...

Awww! Happy birthday big K! What a great idea for a party. And about the tears, sometimes it just seems like there is so much goodness filling up your heart, that all you can do is burst into tears! I don't blame you one bit! Hope that being 6 is as wonderful as being 5 was!