Friday, December 18, 2009

Magnet Tutorial

I found a fun little magnet project which was perfect for little people to help with and a few weeks ago we whipped (literally in NO time at all) up little Christmas presents for the girls' teachers. It's a fun can spell names, you can use pictures.....let your imagination take over.

I'm going to give a quick tutorial that worked for us.
What you need: All this can be found at a craft store

*Clear glass marbles with a flat edge (found by the wedding decor or floral stuff)
*Mod Podge glue- make sure it's the "matte" kind
*Magnets (the size of these depend on the size of marbles you purchase, just make sure they are a bit smaller than the marble)
*Letters, numbers, pictures- we cut our letters out of the "junk mail" magazines, cut it just a bit smaller than the marble. Also it doesn't matter if the letter does not fill up the entire marble. Remember there is NO perfection to this!
*Small paint brush
*Container for glue (I keep egg cartons and just cut out one slot for each girl, then you can toss when you're finished)

Time to get started!! Spread out something to protect the surface you're working on.

1. Write out the name or word you want to spell, find and cut out all the letters
2. Brush small amount of Mod Podge glue on marble, it does not matter if it gets on sides, it dries clear (a helpful hint: prior to glueing place the letter on the marble and make sure it is VERY clear, some of the marbles are mirror like so we had to do some sorting)
3. Place the desired letter on the marble, turn around to see if adjustment is needed.
4. Brush small amount Mod Podge on magnet and place magnet on top of letter.
5. Leave marbles upside down for several hours or until completely dry. You will know they are dry when you can no longer see the white Mod Podge glue. (as you can see below these are not quite dry but wanted to get a picture)
We tossed the magnets into a little clear plastic bag, attached a ribbon with a little card that read: "These magnet's spell Hillary"
This is so easy and something kids can do from start to finish! Happy crafting!

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The Hadfields said...

How adorable!! You're such a fun mom!!