Monday, December 21, 2009

Lizzy.....the girly gremlin

A while back I was nosing through some's easy to bounce from one to another and get so lost you have not a 1 single clue how you got there!!! So I found myself here and fell in love with these little gremlins and owls! I was able to find some really cheap sweaters and felt (fyi-goodwill has sales...I know crazy, right, since things are cheap anyway but they have 50-75% off days too). Grab some bottons from your grandma/mom/or extra's you've saved. A little yarn & embroidery floss and you're ready! There is no perfection to making these cuties.....each one turns out different but soooo cute!

So yesterday morning a sweet 6 year old received this one below for her Birthday and FELL head over heals in love with her.....Lizzy is her new name!
You can click below and it takes you directly to the the directions to whip one up yourself!! I think they would be great tooth holders for the "tooth fairy" too!

soothing gremlin softie (free pattern)

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Lisa said...

SOOOOOOOO CUTE, she turned out lovely! Your girls are adorable!

Thanks for the link and happy holidays! lisa

Amanda said...

Just found your blog Kera (through Karah's) and love it!! :) I have been wanting to make one of these little softie monsters for mine and I'm glad you shared the link. And YES! I know what you mean about getting lost in craft/blog world. Do it every day.....