Tuesday, December 1, 2009

sawing of the tree

it's our 2nd year in a row to go out and cut down our christmas tree......so i suppose that means it's a tradition. i LOVE traditions.....it's the known....the looked forward to.....the anticipated. which ever way you say it, it's something that brings happiness and comfort and it's something that both big and small people enjoy!

i've given in to the fact that we will more than likely NEVER be trudging through snow to hunt down our tree. so 2nd runner up is a beautiful sunny day with only a light jacket needed and the latter of the 2 choices is what we got this last sunday!

the girls were able to roam free, including the baby! when i was younger i dreamed of living on a farm with lots of animals, really ask my mom! when we get out to settings like this and i watch the girls running around care free, laughing, smiling ear to ear, no 2nd thoughts to crawling under tree's to hide, getting muddy, not needing permission to jump off a dirt mound, NO WATCHING FOR TRAFFIC......imaginations running wild....where did my dream go? this is the way they should live there everyday lives huh? outside and having fun EVERYDAY....hhhmmm.
back on track, we took our time....eating up the fresh air and surroundings
after some searching we found "him", he's perfectly imperfect

tree shaker
so as it's CRAZILY december the 1st, i hope that these next 24 days will go ever SOOOO slowly and we (yup that includes you) will fill them up with lot of traditions that make you feel warm and cozy!!


Heather Figueiredo said...

I think its time for Jon to begin looking for your "farm"! Ashton is dying to live on a farm! I seriously believe he'll be a farmer someday with all the animals, big open fields of corn and a combine.

Heidi said...

Oh I love this blog!! I dream of having a real tree and finding it at a place like this!! Nate & I had a real tree our first years of marriage. I'm ready to go back!

Great blog! Can't wait to read the next one! yes, I'm a week or so behind on you!!