Wednesday, December 16, 2009

what you wanted.....

i enjoy traditions and enjoy reading about other peoples is one that has been around for a bit! my mom has, for years and years, given us (and now includes the girls) an early christmas present which reads: "what you wanted for christmas but didn't know"! it always a highly anticipated exciting present.....who doesn't LOVE presents??!!! even as an adult i'm still excited when i get mine!!

so in keeping with tradition a couple weeks ago we got home and 2 packages had been delivered at the door by jammies, christmas pencils....
and one of our newest and MOST loved winter accessories!! it's a knitted headband but acts as a hat! the girls love them and highly recommend them!
and for me this year brought a beautiful dutch oven.....all you cooks out there know my feelings of mouth hitting the ground followed by some squealing and funny dancing!! i've dreamed of one for some time but a dream is all it was..... it's delicious to be spoiled by your m-o-m!!!
i know we all have traditions and i would love to hear about them! hoping everyone is continuing to *slowly* take in this busy holiday season surrounded by family and friends.

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