Thursday, December 3, 2009


in the first 1 year of life it seems that babies hit so many "firsts" much excitement is brought on by that......then you hit a lull for a bit. we hit some "BIG" firsts though again this weekend.....i possibly scared the girls a few times due to my excessive cheering!! i can be's OK, they're mine!!

day after thanksgiving found us back at my mom's for some much LOVED family time.....the kids instantly headed outside. after a short time i heard some excitement going on and jon came inside, hurrying everyone to come out and see "something". he had easily convinced kayden to let him take her training wheels off her bike and give it a try. after just 2 or 3 attempts she was off and riding with NO help!!! 2 parents, 1 aumie, 2 auntie's, 2 cousins, and 1 sister PROUDLY cheered this excited 5 year old who stated "phew.....glad i learned that before i turned 6!!!"

there is a little fireball that lives in our home.....she has the blondest hair i've ever seen, she loves to snuggle first thing in the morning, her eyes sparkle when she smiles but oh how stubborn this little thing is......we like to call her DETERMINED!!! i've been working with her on her name writing skills for some time now. if it's not her idea she typically doesn't want to practice and there is NO amount of bribery i can use with this child.....EVER. period. lately she's been willing to write an "E"'s the cutest "E" you've ever seen.....not just 3 lines.....NO she goes BIG.....4, 5, and even 6!
oh but thanksgiving morning as the girls were writing out place cards for each guest what does this child do but whip out E M E R Y. no dots to trace, no bribery, no mommy having her hand over emery's hand and helping......nope she just plain and simple wrote it out herself......cause SHE WANTED TO!!!
but i was oh so proud and cheered ever so loudly......... AND she was done. got down and would not write ANYMORE names.
.......and had to leave you with a funny face. as i was downloading pictures this morning i found a few self portraits of an unnamed little girl who has recently become obsessed with her mommy's camera


Erika Reiner said...

Oh how i love this last pic!!! Oh i love it!!! And how fun to ride a bike all by one's self and then the burden of learning penmanship! How cute!!! The word "penmanship" makes me giggle for some reason. What a funny word!

The Hadfields said...

YAY! Riding a bike is such a huge milestone!! And writing their name for the first time makes you so proud!! You have 2 very special little girls!

Charisa said...

Love the bike & that you cut down your own tree :)

Heather Figueiredo said...

congrats to Kayden & Emery for these accomplishments!!