Thursday, December 17, 2009

remembering with jingles

1 year ago today my grandmother graduated from physical therapy (at the nursing home she was residing in post stroke) and was discharged home.....1 week before christmas. she was excited to go home, we were excited to have her home......not to say there wasn't mounds of stress on my mom of all the unknowns of how she would keep up with work and care for her. BUT we continually lifted her and this situation up in prayer knowing that He would take care of it. AND He did. she came home which was her ever longing hope and we got 1 beautiful month with her at home before she passed away.

she received a little bracelet just like this from her PT's the day of her "graduation" and so mom bought all of us one to wear today to remember this beautiful and strong (in so many ways) woman
and so today we wear our bracelets....mine attached to my camera, kayden's on her book bag, and emery's clutched in her fingers stretching it out as far she can without breaking it. and as we hear that jingle here and there we will be reminded of the perseverance this lady had, who work so very hard to get back to some kind of "normal".....even when not a one thing worked after her stroke.....she could have given up BUT she did not. i will be reminded to keep pushing forward and work hard to make each situation in my life the best it can be!!!

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