Wednesday, December 30, 2009

ice skating

yesterday morning mom and i headed to knoxville with 3 kids in the back seat for some of this
we were definitely wobbly at first and a certain curly red headed girl took a fall that sent me in to silent hysterics (which if you know me know this means i'm laughing so hard i can't hardly breath much less make noise)!!! she was a great sport.....about me laughing that is!
and in no time the clock was flying by as we skated circle after circle after circle
midway through we warmed up with some of this sinful yumminess where Karlie works
and then back out where everyone got a bit more comfortable
letting go of the sides
even trying to "go fast"
and by the end we all had burrrrrr cold noses and sore legs
but we left happy.....wondering why this was this first time we had visited this place!


The Hadfields said...

How fun! We have a rink in our downtown area but I'm not getting out there pregnant! Maybe next winter...
Happy New Year!

Heather Figueiredo said...

we have ice skating sorta close and have never gone...that's gotta change! BTW--I love your hair!! Very cute!!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! That looks like so much fun...although my butt hurts just thinking about ice skating (an honest testament to exactly how much time THIS red head spends, er, sitting on the ice whenever I've attempted that activity. I wonder if they make double bladed skates for adults?

Heidi said...

You take such beautiful pictures!! And so many of them... I've got to get better and i thought I took a lot of pictures!
I'm dying to take the kids ice skating... looks SO fun!