Friday, December 3, 2010

THE chopping of the tree

Last Friday found us driving down country road
after country road
talking about buying a house in the country.....
and these could be our new friends!!
But we were country road driving for 1 specific reason and that was to chop down our Christmas tree
{we found a new place this year and instantly fell in love}
I know they thought I was weird, their whole house and barn/shed was picture me at least!
It was the coldest day we've had this year so it added some fun to the tree hunting
and the girls could not have been more excited to be seatbelt-less
we needed a potty break and after all 4 of us had "done the duty" we laughed that we had driven all the way out to the country to pee in the middle of christmas trees!
we were surrounded by nature....beautiful nature

and then we spotted "him".......fat+imperfect=LOVE
so we tied him up and strapped him to the top of the subaru
and we were off
driving back down all those country roads.....surrounded by these breathtakingly beautiful skies
FORGET BLACK FRIDAY.......this is where it's at!


Erika Reiner said...

Love this post!!! Love it!

I remember growing up and riding in the way back without a seatbelt...BEST TIMES EVER!!! peeing in the tree farm...pretty funny. Seriously, you are taking some really amazing pix!

Kristi said...

beauty. full.

The Hadfields said...

How fun! I haven't had a real tree since I was a kid. This inspires me to want one!! :)