Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Prepping for Santa

We scurried home after leaving my mom's to get ready for bed
BUT of course we had to make nice nice with that fat old jolly man.....cookies, milk, and a note were in order!
*kid writing translation: Please Respond, Santa Special, I hope you had fun, Kayden & Emery*
Of course we can't forgot those cute hungry reindeer.....carrots are just the thing to hold that hunger over as they travel house to house!
A quick check of the computer to check where all santa had been and then off to bed they went! Not before we kneeled and THANKED God for sending his son Jesus to this earth.....we may get caught up in all the giving and getting and santa and magic BUT we stopped frequently throughout December to talk about the true "Reason for this Season"!

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