Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Pre-Christmas Elving and Nature Finds

I found myself a bit more comfortable in my sewing skills this year....ooooo I do have so much still to learn, I'll get there one day!
For those of you that know me best you can back me up on the fact that I am most certainly NOT a night owl. AND, also, despite my best efforts NOT to be I am a procrastinator! So the week before Christmas found many many....ooooo toooo many a late night sewing and sewing! But I must say that it made for some good memories with Jon and I......warm house, tree glowing, talking, & watching some movies.
My grandpa made this cradle when Kristi and I were little, we each have one. My sister sanded and repainted two of them and gifted each of my girls with one on each of their 2nd birthdays. A gift that can be passed on from generation to generation is the best! So it was only appropriate to repaint and give one back to my sweet little niece Lauren! I love this vintage green and it naturally did some cracking which added to "oldness" of it! I recovered a piece of foam for the bottom and made a cute little quilt {which SHOCKER I never did get a picture of} and added a baby pillow that my grandma had still made! So a little handmade from each grandparent {who are now gone} and a little from me......that she will have forever!
We wrapped all of our gifts in brown paper and I found brown, red, and bright green crocheting thread to take the place of store bought ribbon. The girls took turns with the To: and From: writings. I LOVE they way it turned out!
Even a little tree was added here and there!
{lots of different lighting going on in these pictures as some were able to be taken during the day and some late into the night}
One of the gifts to our girls were blankets made by me.....my 1st attempt at making a blanket and I will "toot my own horn" and admit they turned out pretty cute! I purchased the fabric here & got the idea of this blanket here. They are perfect snuggle up on the couch blankets!
1 day last week Jon took the girls on a hike and upon return Kayden ran into the house with her nature finds! I instantly thought the rock looked like a manger! Perfect decorations for this holiday we are in!

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Erika Reiner said...

I NEED to make some of the mini quilts from the book my aunt gave me....

when the paper chase is done.........

i will sit back and sew.

i can't wait!!!

you're inspiring me.

the handmade cradle from your grandpa and pillow from grandma....those....well...those ARE priceless. LOVE!