Thursday, December 2, 2010


We're working on perfecting her number writing skills. This is what came out.....the sweetest imperfect yet most perfect numbers of my 4 year old. I love that her 2 looks like a backwards z, that she connected to c's to make a 3, that her 6 looks like an unfinished 8, that her 7 is so much smaller and darker than all the other numbers, and that I tried SOOO hard to get her to just stack 2 O's on top of each other to make an 8 but she insisted on doing it right- the swirly way.
This makes me cry and smile at once. HOW and WHY is she old enough to be doing this yet LOOK at what she can do!
She can write her name, #'s and letters, she knows her shapes and colors. I think I may just put a hiatus on school and snuggle her like a baby until the government catches on and forces me to let her go and grow.

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