Thursday, December 16, 2010

The cutest package arrives

2 little people in this house will be receiving guitars from Mr. Claus this year! Their dad is super excited and they will be too.....they have an old adult sized guitar that they strum on and dream of becoming the next the big hit! Their dad took care of the guitar ordering and left the cute accessorizing part up to me....the guitar strap! I LOVE much talent squeezed into 1 site! I found a girl who makes straps and her "Bio" hooked me instantly! Maybe Hil {her name is Hillary but I'm feeling nickname basis these days as we've emailed each other a dozen or more times!} and I would even be friends, if we lived closer cause she lives on a farm and sews.....YUM!

I came home to this in the mail....who doesn't ADORE a fun wrapped package?
Cute details
Music pages sewn together for the package
AND each strap was wrapped in garden magazine paper with a fabric ribbon
AND a cute swirly not with a sewn magazine envelope! SO CUTE!
If ALL the above wasn't enough I got the cutest mini guitar straps EVER!! I love the fabric! My girls are going to heart Mr. Claus!
So I don't really know Hillary at all, although you'd think she paid for this little advertisement.....I would let her pay me though....ALL 2 or 3 of you people following me....I could use some extra cash!!
Uuummmm but seriously....whoever IS reading this "out there" please visit her Etsy site, you won't regret it one little bit! She really makes adult straps and other great items but can custom make some little people stuff too!

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Heidi said...

YAY! I'm pretty sure Grandpa is getting Jackson a guitar for xmas! So, I'll be hooking up with Hillary too! (hopefully).
Did heather show you the strap she got me for my camera. LOVE.
It just makes me all warm & fuzzy feeling about it :)