Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Around the World

Friday night at 6:00 pm Emery performed in her last {I'm crying} Christmas Program at E-kids.....she's officially 1/2 way through pre-school. BUT she went out with a BANG!
The theme of this years program was "Christmas Around the World"! I want my babies to know there is no color {in people that is}. I want them to love all people equally. I want them to treat all people equally.

Emery's class represented Holland
{her teacher made all the dresses and hats}
My little dutch beauty
Kayden had been working with her for days prior to the program: "now Emery you have to speak clear and loud.....and stand still and stand tall"!!
Her teacher Ms Karen. We LOVE her. We are going to CRY ever so hard at the end of this school year because we will be saying good bye for good this time.....we have no more babes to pass through her room! She gives her all to these kids!
Isabella and Ems= Best Pre-School Buds
My little Emery, who I swore would be my quiet shy one has proven me oh so wrong! She was chosen for not only 1 lead part......
but 2!! Soo proud!
They danced
and sang
and danced!
I love to see how much she's grown and learned yet there is still.....if not for long, that simple little innocence about her


Heather said...

oh she looks SO cute!! Almost looks like she really IS from Holland :) And getting tall I see....what a little beauty. I want super naturally red lips like hers....they are fab! Love you Miss Em! XO

Erika Reiner said...

I see her and I hear music...and cloggy sounding shoes! Very cute! She's really does look like she's from holland. I love the pic of you all as a fam and then the one with her friend. so cute!

Kristi said...

i am dutch so i think this is the sweetest thing ever. i want her bonnet.