Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ornaments Speak our History

Some nights this greasy yummy stuff comes in handy, like tree decorating nights.......when standing over the oven and sink are NOT a high priority!
So begins the task of getting lost in lights....are you working? yes? no? WHY AREN'T YOU WORKING?
Reminding ourselves of this: Cause the fun is just a few light strands away.
Dancing circles and circles around him until he was glowing
The reminiscing then begins: Unwrapping each ornament and talking about what each one represents!

A present given to Jon and I on our wedding day....a reminder of that beautiful fall day which officially started our family.
These were given to the girls from my grandma, her last Christmas spent with us. The pictures make me cry and smile......thank goodness for these memories wrapped up in a picture.
Circa 1977!! This was given to me by my aunt Titi and I cherish it! It's been unwrapped 33 times!
I have a pile of these stars.....the 1st ornaments I bought for my tree once moving out on my own.
Emery's 1st ornament from us.
Made by Kayden '08
Purchased from Germany while at Epcot this last summer.
From my mom the Christmas after I graduated from nursing school.
They each {minus a couple random ones purchased post christmas sales} have a story to tell.....memories locked up in 1 small ornament. There is 1 MOST important ornament hidden at the base of the tree.....only the 4 of us know what it looks like & where it was placed. A BIG nail which represents the sacrifice Jesus made for us & the reason for this season.
I LOVE that our tree tells our story. Our memories. Not uniform AT all but special to us!
{excuse the absence of the "skirt"!}
A fun night of no cooking, Christmas music, giggling, reminiscing, smiling, and making memories as a family.


Kristi said...

that candy cane ornament brings back memories. my sister and i made many of those.

Erika Reiner said...

OH we do the nail too!!! It starts our tree decorating. No ornaments can go on the tree until the story is read. Dad reads at mom and dad's and Tim reads at our house. Very cool! I love that ornament! Every year tim forgets and puts it near the top and on the outside....insert gentle reminder! hahaha! love the memories with ornaments! xoxo

Heidi said...

LOVE that post! LOVE those traditions- and memories!