Friday, December 10, 2010

What you wanted for Christmas, just didn't know it!

My mom has always been good about carrying on traditions......things we looked forward to as kids and still as adults! 1 of those traditions she's carried over with our girls! Every year we come home {sometime during the beginning of December} to find packages sitting at our doorstep! We all squeal {even me!} with excitement to see what's tucked into those boxes!
The excitement begins to burst
as they tear open the packages
to find cards
and cuteness {don't you just want to kiss him?!!!}
mugs with hot coco and a chocolate bar
new soft snuggly blankets made by Aumie with names monogramed in the corner
and "The Night Before Christmas" with a recording of Aumie reading it to them!
A special treat from a special Aumie! Traditions.....I've said it before and you know I'll say a millions times more....WE LOVE THEM!


Erika Reiner said...

Now your mom is BRILLIANT!!! A book with a recording of her reading it to them?!?! Could there be a more cute idea???

I think not.


Heather said...

I love that Hallmark commercial where the 2 little girls are listening to their book from their Grandma.....Every time I see it, I wish I had enough money to do one for all the kiddo's in my life :) I'm sure Kayd & Em just loved it!

Charisa said...

traditions are the best part of Christmas! Merry Merry Christmas :)