Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Belated Thanksgiving

Some of you know that holidays are kinda a big deal in my family! Kinda such a big deal we did Thanksgiving again at my mom's on Sunday cause she had to work the actual holiday
{hug a health care provider today!}
It turned into quite simply a perfect day:

getting introduced to the making of friendship bracelets
teasing and giggling and teasing and giggling
reminders of my {german} grandparents who are no longer on this earth but have things for us to remember them by
working together both young and younger to get dinner ready
enjoying a stroll around the neighborhood in the crisp fall breeze
gawking at flock of birds hurriedly making their way to warmer weather
watching a classic movie
{this was a family tradition when i grew up.....watching this thanksgiving night}
And crafting with my baby sister! I got this idea here and it turned into such a FUN project for us to do together! Just in time for Christmas!
1. Got the "hay" wreaths at a thrift store for $1. 2. Yarn from Michaels using a 40% off coupon for the fuzzy yarn and the regular yarn was on sale. 3. Retro xmas balls {sandwich ziplock full for 59 cents} from thrift store {although we both decided we were just going to place some simple cranberry's on them instead}
Yet another reminder of how MUCH I have......my FAMILY! That's HUGE! Family that loves me and accepts me for me! That is irreplaceable.
Now bring it December! I think I'm ready for you! You will bring me possibly the busiest month of the year but I WILL soak you up.....every minute every second of you.....whatever it is I may be doing...EVEN SLEEP! AWWWW SWEET SLEEP!


Kristi said...

a beautiful post, love your "sound of music".

Kristi said...

that was supposed to say "sound of music" tradition.

The Hadfields said...

Fun! I love the Sound of Music and I love the wreaths you made!

Cari said...

Your wreaths are super cute!