Monday, November 29, 2010

Jon's Birthday

The man of this house had a birthday 1 week ago! We celebrated him all day long!
We got dressed up and went to church
{please note 2 things: my oldest who will be in heels by the time she's able to fit into them and my youngest who is forever making us laugh!}
Then made our way to my mom's where she cooked up a yummy meal for this guy which included wasabi peas and some real meat!
Card opening
{and of complete importance but not caught on camera: Taylor {niece} picked out ALL BY HERSELF the most precious card. Words on the front stated "My Uncle, My Friend"....he was crying by the time he was finished reading it as we all were which is why I completely forgot to catch it on camera.
1 of the gifts he received.....a mosquito net {from mom} in preparation of our trip to Yellowstone next summer......those little bugs ADORE him!
And that night we had lots of friends over to celebrate him! We OF course had food which included some meat for this deprived man! My mom made him some "sliders" with the REAL stuff! That's a big deal cause I don't do meat in this house! {you can feel sorry for him if you want, it won't hurt my feelings}

He's not a big sweet person so his slider turned into his birthday cake and our house was filled with "Happy Birthday" tunes!
Some of you know that my camera stays at my side but strangely enough it did not that night......maybe that's cause I was having too much fun celebrating him, and that's ok! It was a fun night and thankful for all of his friends and my sister who came to cheer him on into a new, healthy, happy year! LOVE YOU JON B HUGHES....FOREVER!

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affectioknit said...

What a nice celebration! Happy Birthday!