Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ordinary day with with some EXTRAORDINARINESS to it

jon and i celebrated 6 years of marriage a couple sunday's ago!! that's HUGE! and not cause our marriage is about to crumble or anything life shattering has occurred during those 6 years. but just because marriage takes a LOT of work. A. LOT. keeping god the #1 focus. balance of work, kids, "us" time. learning what's important to argue about and what's not {like the fact that he STILL does not turn his socks right side out before tossing them in the laundry basket}. the whole give and take thing. money. oh the list is endless BUT i love him and only him. i do not ever want to imagine life without him. he loves me for me. he keeps me safe. he thinks i'm still beautiful {even after birthing 2 kids}. he is happy when i am happy. see 6 years is a big deal.....and i pray we see 60 and 70 and 80 TOGETHER!

{while walking to dinner jon spotted this painted on the side of a building....our initials together, how appropriate!}
we ate pizza at one of our favorite places
played tic tac toe
and colored pizza pictures with the girls
just an ordinary day yet a huge celebration of commitment for a lifetime of togetherness
{and this is a picture for him, nope not telling the significance of it here!}


Erika Reiner said...

Celebrating "you" is THE BEST!!! You should be proud! I love that you found the initials on the side of a building....SO CUTE!

Marriage is a lot of work, a choice, and such a blessing! You will live life together MANY MORE years together! I think "ordinary" days with people you love are some of the best days to be had.


The Hadfields said...

6 years is awesome! Congrats!!