Thursday, November 25, 2010

Grateful Gobbler '10

Happy Thanksgiving!!
We started our morning out with a walk to support the Homeless/Hungry. Always a good reminder for me and my family as to how MUCH we really have. Really.

Chattanooga bright and early
beautiful sister and niece
my sleepy family
reason to be happy. food. funny girl.
my twin.....i think we're connected to our cord still
my love
a sea of blue quickly filled downtown. love it!
a live and cooked turkey even showed up
enjoyed some color along our stroll
AND it was a must to stop off at the hospital and say Hi and Happy Thanksgiving to this beautiful lady who gave us life and gave us her all! Lucky girls we are to have her!
Hope you have a delicious day......full of good family/friends and FOOD!
Gobble Gobble


Erika Reiner said...

Love the coffee mug Flan is cruising with!!! My kind of girl!! So cute you stopped to say hello to your mom...highlight of her day I am SURE!!!


Kristi said...

happy thanksgiving. we didn't celebrate, michael was working and quinn was at school. it is hard to find a turkey in australia and no pumpkin pie here either. it just seems so strange. we were still thankful and recognised that.