Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My younger sister turns 30 on Friday! {and P.S. miss thing, if you're reading this BEFORE Saturday shut down your computer NOW} I'm excited about that for many reasons! She's healthy, she's worked VERY hard to get to the happy/balanced place she is at today, she's joining me on being in the 30's club {which I must say is pretty great!! I think} she's ALIVE, she's beautiful both inside and out, and because I get to celebrate MY sister! I was thinking "what I could get her for this milestone birthday, something that could stay with her for years and years to come?" I then found a blanket using vintage sheets while looking through a book by "Soule Mama" and I knew right away this was just the gift for her!

I set out months ago scouring thrift stores for vintage sheets
{these are "Vera" sheets made to look vintage and for $1.00 it was a SCORE!}
I sewed together the patches of vintage sheets
Until the final product came together! Hoping this blanket sees many years and has many stories to tell over the next 30 plus years of her life!
I also found this cute little picnic basket, added some red cups
made some crisp white napkins, along some yummy lemonade, cheese & crackers and she's ready for her 1st picnic!


Erika Reiner said...

I love it!!!!

What did you do on the backside of the blanket? VERY CUTE!!!


greenchickadee said...

Can I just say that is the most awesome gift ever! Happy Birthday sister karlie. Wishing you many picnics in the great outdoors!

Kristi said...

that is such a wonderful gift. i have all my vintage sheets ready to be cut, and i just never seem to get around to making it. i must for summer. yours is lovely.

Erin said...

What an awesome present. I wish you were my sister! I love the vintage sheets you found. That is one thing I have always wanted to find at a thrift store but never have!!