Thursday, November 18, 2010


Monday's are dance class days.....they have been for several years now. Was never sure how long dance class would last.....I promised myself that I would never force them to continue if it was something they did not enjoy. But Kayden is in her 5th year and Emery is in her 3rd year. They both love it. And so every Monday these two girls of mine head out the front door to dance their feet and legs off! So thankful for those healthy working feet and legs!

I love being able to watch how each year brings new skills learned

This one started out not-so-graceful but each year is growing and learning

And this is about as close up as we get to watch the oldest.......just some peeping in here and there!

One day all too soon tutu's and toting mommy along to ballet will be a distant until then I'm soaking up EVERY single Monday afternoon!

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