Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Christopher Columbus's ships sail to Chattanooga

A couple weeks ago 2 of Christopher Columbus's ships {Pinta and Nina} docked right here at our very own riverfront! So we had to sneak in a little time to explore the bones of these ships!

I'm not going to type out a history lesson of what we learned while on board these ships cause A: I don't remember a whole lot {it's those kids, they sucked the short term memory out of me!} and B: If you don't already know the history and want to learn you can go with your child to 1st grade and learn all the important stuff there is to know! You're welcome for keeping it short and to the pictures! *I will add for all you locals who may have missed it....don't be sad cause there was only 1 guys off in the corner talking about the history of them , otherwise you were just perusing the ships on your own....a little disappointing {and you couldn't venture down into the barracks which is the biggest reason Jon wanted to go}. I did enjoy the little I could hear of him talking, not ever been the biggest history buff but sometimes something catches my fancy and is interesting to me!*

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Kristi said...

i am so loving their "i heart ny" tees.