Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We returned home after the Grateful Gobbler & after catching the last few floats of the infamous Macy's Day Parade we cleaned ourselves up and headed to the in law's
{mine, not his}!

It's still quite summery here .....well maybe that's pushing it a bit {a few of us required a sweater} but none the less perfect weather for enjoying some outside time while awaiting all the guests to arrive. I caught up on some Southern Living while visiting with mamaw and the kids {Jon included!} enjoyed scootering around the cul-de-sac!
I am yet grateful again this year that my family and Jon's family can be under the same roof AND have fun! Not saying we're perfect and don't have some dysfunction.....we all do right?? RIGHT? Well we'll claim it!
And per usual for Thanksgiving we cooked too much food and stuffed ourselves silly
Some with real turkey and those veggies dined on some "Wellington Surprise" {a new recipe graciously given to me by a friend and despite it being my first attempt at making pastry dough it was delicious if I can say so myself!}
The evening ended in snuggling with my oldest and hair primping by my youngest!
I truly have more what I need and BEYOND what I want! I am 1 lucky girl!
THANKFUL- I almost need a bigger word for how I feel! Oh well you get it!

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