Monday, November 8, 2010

3 Blind Wines

I've blogged about this precious little girl before {Mary Alice-left}. She is beautiful, she has eyes that sparkle, a smile that will light up the room.....all that coupled up with her energy and happiness makes for 1 little girl that you WANT to be around!
She has Cystic Fibrosis. Her parents are HUGELY involved in raising every single penny they can to go towards a cure for this monster of a disease! They are inspiring and they do ALL they can to ensure that this little precious human being has every fighting chance to live a long happy life!! We won't talk about it too much BUT I inevitably cry at her birthday parties and these benefits that her parents put together. Because they are always reminders of YAY MA is celebrating a birthday {HUGE milestone} and then at the benefits because it's just surreal as to why the event is taking place. I'm sure it's a task in and of itself to remain hopeful and positive each day yet they go beyond that and fight for her and live each day to the fullest! Her parents are AWESOME, you should meet them. REALLY.
{Mary Alice's mom- Bridget}
SO {sorry sometimes I get on a soapbox} a couple Thursday's ago Jon and I were able to sneak in a date night and join in on this benefit they put together called 3 Blind Wines!
We were able to mingle with adults which is always an enjoyable time
{a Dr that I work with and his wife}
{Friends that Jon works with}
We love this little girl and her parents and hope that she grows up to be the beautiful healthy happy girl her parents dream for her to be!

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Melanie Anne said...

Oh this is very touching--I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Cystic Fibrosis fund raisers. My cousin Taylor has CF. It is really scarey. He is doing really well though. He is 20 and serving a mission for our church right now. It is really wonderful that he was able to go--because he always really wanted to but it was dependant on his health. I hope that they can find a cure for this awful disease soon. This night looks fun and what a beautiful little girl!