Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We started off the night at Auntie Kristi's for dinner prior to heading out for some candy collecting!

i tried to convince Taylor to be a mushroom but she's very opinionated about this holiday! $100 dollar bills are much fun/funnier!
annoyed fairy with an over lovin' gnome!
{I wonder every year if my girls will every become opinionated about this holiday? As of yet mom finds something really cheap or we use something we already have at home and they are completely satisfied.....maybe it's cause they dress up constantly?!!}
little and BIG gnomes
being magical
scurrying around likes gnomes do
and this little gnome sang the night away....literally!
it was, again, a fun year of going house to house dressed up collecting sweet treats! there is no other day when this is deemed legal so we'll take FULL advantage as these girlies enjoy both.....candy and dressing up!
and then we found our way back home home for the sorting......some for mommmy/daddy, some for the troops {there is a university close by kayden's school and the pre-dental students come by to: weigh whatever candy the kids want to give a way, give the kids $$ based on the weight, and then they send it to our troops! love it for all reasons: we don't end up with an overabundance of sweets, they earn a penny (or $1.50), and they send a treat to those brave people fighting for us!}
and last but MOST fun some for their mouths!
Happy Dress Up and Candy Getting Day!


Erika Reiner said...

I NEED VIDEO OF LAUREN SINGING!!! I keep hearing about her singing! I love this pics! sooo cute! I mean, those are GREAT costumes! I love this post! Your "magical" pic is awesome too! love it!

ecoMILF said...

Cute photos. They must still be high on sugar- what loot! xo m.

Kristi said...

i know i am late but happy halloween...the littles all look super cute.