Wednesday, November 17, 2010

1 last camping trip.....indoors

The 1st weekend in November was going to mark our last camping trip of 2010....sad I know. A beautiful girl {we'll call her Kami} wished nothing more for her 30th birthday than a weekend spent in the woods with friends and family! So a camping trip was planned! Sadly enough as the weekend came closer we realized we were going to be taking 7 kids camping in 20 degree weather with possible snow and rain. Adults in that weather, fine. Kids in that weather....not so fine when you have an option of a nice warm house! So the camping trip was moved in the birthday girls house!

We quickly realized we made the right decision upon arrival to their was snowing!
And so we patted ourselves on the backs, happy with our decision: Camping inside
The kids were able to warmly play,
jump and laugh!
We still had a fire
and smores....with a twist! {Bottom layer: graham cracker crumbs with butter and sugar. Top layer: brownie mixed with marsh mellows}
And after the kids were snuggled warmly in their beds fast asleep the adults still had fun.....hula hooping,
laughing and talking
and even trying to start a bonfire in the woods {although it appears the boys were really trying to start the woods on FIRE}
SNOW again, VERY late into the night or VERY early into the morning, which ever way you look at it we were VERY happy our outdoor camping trip turned indoor!

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