Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Program

A W Spalding performed their annual Christmas Program the Thursday before before break started and it's always a beautiful program filled with singing and instrument playing!

Kayd with a couple of her friends
Taylor was given the choice this year {by the school} to participate in band, choir, or bells. She choice band. She was quiet pleased to be able to use her mommy's clarinet that she used in high school! Proud Auntie......she has picked up this new instrument like she's played it for years!
The 1st graders sang several songs
Kayden also LOVES music class.....she thinks her teacher has a beautiful voice and attempts to mimic her!
It's hard to sit still through an entire program.....especially for this little lady to seems to have ants in her pants at ALL waking hours!
Some of her fans

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