Monday, January 3, 2011

a whole lot of bad but 1 good made it all ok

Today was one of those days where a BUNCH went wrong.
1. Our last day of break and I had EVERY opportunity to sleep a long hard sleep.....I was up on and off through out the course of the night.
2. Realizing {last night} that there was no filter in the shop-vac and so ALL the work I accomplished yesterday is covered in a layer of dust.
3. Picked up a call shift this morning at work for tomorrow. Emery has had diarrhea ALL DAY LONG.
4. Had every intention of getting ALL laundry caught up, used the last dryer sheet after the 2nd load.
5. Sat down for lunch to find I never cleaned up breakfast.
6. Needed to get some stuff ironed for Jon, didn't have a 1 bone of never happened.
7. Realizing it was 5:45 and no dinner had been started.
8. Pot of water boiling for spaghetti and realizing I had no pasta.
9. Forgetting about the frying pan of parmesan zucchini and burnt 1 side. Then burnt my finger attempting to salvage it.
10. Hopped into the shower with Emery right before we sat down for dinner and the hot water was quickly leaving us.

All above was erased {really it was erased even though I can recite it so seemingly easy} when our ordinary dinner turned candle lit
Emery had drawn a picture for the table
Kayden had surprised me and set the table which included fancy glass filled with water
I found some orzo to substitute our normal whole wheat spaghetti noodles & the zucchini.....well no one seemed to notice that a few pieces were burnt on 1 side
Jon worked late and so the 3 of us had a "fancy" candle lit dinner......
talking about girl stuff.....
and all was right again with the world.
No day is a perfect day and some days will be worse than others......glad we at least had a good ending!

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Melanie Anne said...

what a sweet moment to capture with your little girls!! Thank heavens for little ones to help us forget the bad:)Your dinner looked so fun!