Monday, January 24, 2011

Wrapping up the Birthdays

Birthday's around the holidays {we have many!} are indeed busy......BUT not forgotten even if blogged about 1 month later!!

Kayden's wish for celebrating her 7th year of life was a trip to Atlanta with only her mommy {insert me beaming}, to stay in a hotel & shop at American Girl! Booked!

We had brunch Sunday morning so that family could sneak in some celebrating
We arrived to Atlanta safely {sheesh that traffic????} & cleaned ourselves up
{this lasted all of 20 seconds! she loves the thought of getting fancied up but doesn't like the process in getting there!}
She dressed Kit Kitridge up in her finest
I hope & pray that she will ALWAYS be pleased & accept the beautiful person God created
We talked & laughed over a yummy dinner at Twist {thanks Kami & Carter}
ELATED that even though she insisted on wearing, out to dinner, the high heel "dress up" shoes Auntie had given her for her birthday.......she still is VERY child like!
Best part of our meal
A fun night just the 2 of us......
We headed back to the hotel for some lounging in bed and self-given pedicures
Breakfast in bed.....a 1st
Then on to shopping, perusing the store for hours! She had a certain amount given to her as birthday presents from family. It was fun to watch her fill her bag up, then sort through what she wanted & could afford!
She ended up with peircing Kit's ears.....
a "luggage" bag to hold kit & all of her belongings along with an outfit!
We then had lunch at the little Bistro in the store......every little detail is SOOOO GIRLY!

Little highchairs to hold the dolls, little cups & plates.....everything for a perfect lunch with Kit Kitridge!
I love THIS girl! Hopeful that this will not be the last time she wants to take an overnight trip with just her momma!
Happy 7th Birthday my love!


Heidi said...

So perfect! I dream of these trips with Addison. That's why I love our birthdays being so close together. Kayden looks so grown up! Sweet. Great job momma!

Kristi said...

she is gorgeous. and that bow...oh that bow. i am so missing out not having a girl. enjoy it. happy birthday sweet little lady.

Keeping up with the Birmele's said...

What a perfect trip! One that I know you will both always cherish! :) XOXO

Heather Fig said...

Great stuff here Kera! K is a beautiful girl inside & out, just like her mama!


Melanie Anne said...

Hi Kera!
I have been catching up on your sweet blog--while I wait for my out of town husband to call:) Anyway, I have LOVED all the posts about your cute girls and their b-days!! How fun to have a cooking class and mother daughter trip to do all the girly things to your hearts content! I can only imagine! You are such a sweet Momma those little ones are blessed! Have a great week!