Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day 1

We are LOVING every flake of snow that has hit these grounds we trod!
Cabin Fever??? Who has cabin fever? There's too much fun to be had for cabin fever!
Sure maybe it's cloudy but that white stuff overtakes the grey!
Dust off some snow gear and we're ready!
One quick stop off for the oldest cuz and we're off to find some hills
Getting out of the house for a bit makes for happy parents too!
This one started out a bit grumpy but we figured her out fast! Let. Her. Do. Her. Own. Thing!
That's all it took.....she walked up herself and went down herself
I didn't get brave enough to try the jump again but we did pile on top of each other cause MAN it's fun!
We walked up the road a bit to the school playground
And then we walked around a bit just observing......
cause it's still there even if buried
We had not a 1 thing to do with her making but she is HUGE & we instantly fell in love!
We're even enjoying it at night.......not from the outside but from the inside looking out. There is something about a layer of snow on the ground and being snuggled up in the warmth of my home with my babes & husband around me to feel.....dreamy!
I could get used to this white stuff.....although we are not equipped for snow in the snow and it's literally shut this town down! I'm ok with that though!


Kelly said...

Oh wow! Look at all that snow! We are missing out! We leave town and the sky opens up with white fluff! ;-)
Have fun!

Erika Reiner said...

Ok.....that pic with Em's tongue sticking out as she's going down the hill....... I need that emailed STAT!!! I simply have to make a print of it and frame. I LOVE THAT!! Got any funny ones of Tay and Kayd good for prints? I still have the one up from last year during winter of the three girls, BUT I NEED MORE!!!


Wish I could be there to play!