Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kayden turns 7 {part 2}

My mom has always {since we were little} gone above and beyond to make our birthdays a HUGE celebration!! Since we've had kids that entails a special Sabbath {our church day} lunch/celebration! We start the day off at church.....a good way to start your day right!!
{in Sabbath school singing Happy Birthday}
Then over to Aumies for lunch! This is something the girls look forward to with GREAT anticipation!
{Auntie shared her earrings for this fancy occasion!}
They each choose their menu: Alfredo/Vegetable Lasagna, Corn Nuggets, Vegetarian Meatballs with Marinara, Salad, and Crescent Rolls
Quickly followed with fun presents from Aumie & Auntie: high heels.....and if she could roll around in some dirt with these heals on she WOULD cause that's just the perfect mix of who she is!! Sewing stuff & a fake dog who barks and walks because, for now, that's about all her parents can handle!
Then each girl got their own cake to decorate.....
*I must note {probably more for me than your wondering mind} that I try super hard to keep her birthday and Christmas COMPLETELY separate. I don't want her EVER to feel short changed that, out of her control, she was born around a major holiday & that her birth is easily forgotten. Quite the contrary!! BUT much to both her mother & grandmother's attempts to go with pinks & other girly colors she wanted red & green AND made a tree!! As long as she knows that she is loved JUST as much and remembered JUST as much as a June baby she can choose red/white/green for every birthday!
Happy Birthday my sweet 7 year old!!! May you never tire of being sung to and always remember how VERY special you are to Jesus, your family, & friends!

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