Thursday, January 13, 2011

Snow Day 2

I've talked to several moms in the last couple days who were SOOOOO ready for school to get back in session. I feel very "black sheep" right now in the fact that I feel the complete opposite. WE LOVE SNOW! We all were in that mode that we would be out of school and off our routine for the rest of the week when I got the email that school would be back up and running Thursday and Friday. Sad Sad Sad is all I can say our reactions were.

This sparkly dreamy stuff.....I will be sad when it's melts
Thinking we would be snuggled up in our home for the next couple days we headed out yesterday to the library to stock up on some extra reading/listening material
{Birthday Blizzard seemed quite appropriate as it's Emery's birthday on that another day!}
I like to visit our Samaritan Center and peruse the isles for good finds/deals! Sometimes I find nothing and other times I find some great stuff!I need to join the blogging band wagon and start showing off some of my good finds!
We enjoy bird watching, no where near professional, but none the less we enjoy it! We've got several bird feeders hanging off the back porch but you can never have too many......especially while the ground is covered with snow!
Brand new Cedar Works Finch Feeder which runs around $25 and I paid $2
Brand New vintage sock puppet.....12 cents
We got LOTS of kicks out of him already yesterday!
It's always good to get outside for some fresh air.....even if just to run around in the snow for a few minutes........
and then we found our way back inside to have some "quiet time" which included mommy! Time to snuggle up on the couch, listen to a story on cd, flip through pages of books, and sip on hot tea.
*INSERT- I'm not very good at just take an hour or so here & there to just sit & be still. It's soooo good for the mind. I seem to always be doing something, yet not really getting anything done?? Obviously children model our behavior and so because of my "business" they have a hard time having quiet time. GO FIGURE???! So yesterday I made us ALL SIT STILL for 1 hour. Not the easiest of tasks for my girls yet SOOOO necessary! I want to make it a habit. Nope it's not going to happen everyday. But since we are out of the napping stage I want to make a conscious effort to sit down and be still here and there.
Dear Mr Snow, although the majority of people around me are DYING for you to melt.....I'd be happy if you would stayed around a little longer & frequented us a whole lot more during these next few winter months!

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Cari said...

I second your little note to Mr. Snow. :)