Thursday, January 13, 2011

She's 5

Today she turned a year older.....she was ECSTATIC....I had mixed emotions
We started the day with a waffle breakfast {recipe found here & highly recommended!} and a sweater ugly doll.....she was ECSTATIC!
We dropped sissy off at school and hurried downtown to one of her favorite places.....
the Creative Discovery Museum......she was ECSTATIC!

Snowmen created
Music played
Pictures Painted
Stars Glued
Creations Formed
The WONDERS of being 5
Mice petting {much to her Aumie's dismay!!}
Tickling and Laughing
Snowball {or sock} Fights
Getting lost in her own rainbow imagination.....we had a beautiful morning/afternoon!
Her daddy called and asked where she wanted to eat.....she requested Southern Star
{picture taken of the window looking out with the inside reflected}
Cause they have Wiki Sticks.......she was ESTATIC!
She then requested Sweet Cece's......filling her cup far more than needed but it's her birthday & really how does a girl choose just 1?
Our final destination: HOME sweet home! I told Jon she must have felt SOOOO full of happiness that she not once asked "Where's my presents?" It made me smile & warmed my heart! But we did have something waiting for her after a quick bath. Yesterday I passed a local antique shop & this cute little vintage train car {reminds me of that book: The Little Engine That Could} which acts as a toy chest caught my eye! Perfect for my little girl and all her treasures!
She was ECSTATIC!!
My little Emery truly live your life passionately! You smile, love, hug, play, throw fits, kiss, laugh, tell stories, sleep {oh and the list could go on & on} with every bit of passion your little 5 year old body has! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART & I couldn't be happier to call you mine!


Kristi said...

happy birthday little one. five is big, huh mama?

The Hadfields said...

Precious. can't believe she's 5!

Kelly said...

Lovely post for a lovely little lady! Happy birthday belated! Time flies doesn't it? I know, I will have mixed emotions, too when my little girl turns five..I'm already in shock that she will be turning four this year. *tear*. Sometimes I wish they came with a pause button. ;-)

Holly said...

Hi Kera!!! I am friends with Heather and she referred me to your blog; I am going to start blogging too! I don't want to be a creeper, ha!, but your blog is great and you have 2 beautiful girls! Saw your post on the 70.3 blog...we would love to have you join us for a race! We are DEFF going to Vegas in December for the RNR 1/2 and the RODEO! Grab your running shoes and cowgirl boots and join us :)

Keeping up with the Birmele's said...

What happiness radiates from this precious little one!!! Happy Birthday! :)